Difficult Carpet Stains: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Difficult Carpet Stains: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Difficult Carpet Stains: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Have you had a stain on your carpets, area rug or couch that was quite the eye soar? Before going out and buys a bunch of stone bought chemicals that may not help and applying a variety of chemicals from under your sink, call the carpet stain removal experts at TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. Not all stains are chemically made up the same the same, and not all chemicals will work the same on them. TLC Car[et Care in Castle Rock Co has been in the business of removing stains from area carpets for over 18 years, and we full understand the carp[et cleaning science and PH behind stains and the correct process of removing them. Call TLC Carpet care and let us know the type carpet stain you area dealing with, and we'll come out and help you with a carpet cleaning solution.

Carpet with coffee stain.

A Chemical for Every Stain

Stop! Before you use a cheap chemical that may cause damage your carpet or upholstery, call the experts at TLC Carpet Care. Stain removal is a science based on carpet PH. The carpet cleaning method required for your carpet or upholstery cleaning depends on the type of stain and the type of fabrics your cleaning. Coffee stains for example must be treated differently than blood stains. Certain stain solutions can actually damage your carpet fibers when not treated correctly the first time. Call the stain removal experts today at 720.314.0178 for the correct carpet cleaning method.

Call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co

While many furniture and carpeting fabrics are best cleaned by steam method, others may cause color bleed and run when high PH cleaners are applied. These fabrics specific  care. Whatever your carpet stain problems, you can count on the carpet and upholstery cleaning experts at TLC Carpet Care to fix the problem. You can rest assured that TLC Carpet Care's carpet cleaning technicians have the training and experience to remove the toughest stains and leave your carpet and upholstery smelling fresh and looking new again.

For more info on Difficult Carpet Stains call TLC Carpet Care today 720.314.0178 or you can also visit us at tlccarpetcare.net