Different Methods Of Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Different Methods Of Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Knowing which carpet cleaning method is best for your carpets can be confusing and without annual carpet cleaning, your carpets start to show spots and stains. So you should choose professional cleaning methods for your particular carpets. TLC Carpet Care has provide you here with a variety of carpet cleaning methods and which maybe best for you.

Steam Cleaning

When it comes to thoroughly deep cleaning, nothing can be more better than steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock exclusively uses this process. With extreme heat causing high-pressured steam and natural enzymes to clean the dirty carpets. The high temperature at 200 degrees and high-pressure water at 500 psi penetrates deep into the carpet fibers and breaks apart all soils and contaminates and stains. So this is the most common carpet cleaning method used by 95% of all professional carpet cleaning  companies. 

Old School Shampooing

Going back to the 1980's this method was commonly used for cleaning dirty carpets. The problem with this process is it leaves too much soap in the carpet. This method is now outdated and rarely will you find a professional carpet cleaning company that still does shampooing. 

Dry Surface Cleaning 

Encapsulation is the perfect option to clean just the surface of the carpets proving the quickest dry time, unfortunately it doesn't clean deep into the fibers. 

Bonnet Surface Cleaning

In bonnet cleaning, technicians use a rotary floor machine having pads soaked in cleaning solutions. the tech rotates the rotary machine in circles across the carpet, the cleaning pads encapsulate the soils.  With bonnet cleaning, your carpets surface will be much cleaner.

With TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock, we will recommend  whichever of these carpet cleaning methods will do the best for your carpet. Our carpet cleaning techs are certified on each cleaning method.

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