Consequences Of Not Cleaning Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Consequences Of Not Cleaning Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Consequences Of Not Cleaning Your Carpets Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO


We all tend to put off certain chores and when it comes to carpet cleaning that maybe the most neglected. Whether it is finding a day to have your carpets cleaned, it is difficult to find the perfect day.

However, if you keep neglecting carpet cleaning it can be more expensive the more you keep putting it off until its too late.. Here are the consequences you will face when you delay cleaning your carpets.

Filtration Baseboard Soiling 

This is those ugly dark lines or bands of soils that you find along the baseboards of your walls, under doors jams that are kept closed for a length of time, under the sides of furniture and chest. Even if you vacuum the edges frequently often the soiling doesn't go away. 

This is caused by dust and other airborne pollutants that accumulate between the open pockets under the walls and floors in areas with a concentrated flow of air over the carpet or through tiny cracks or other open areas under the carpet filtered by the HVAC systems. It doesn't happen over night it slowly builds over a period of time or years is not a result of the type of carpets installed. The only way to clean these soil filtration lines is to professionally clean you carpets regularly by a local carpet cleaning campy like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co.

Traffic Areas and Wear 

Eventually consequences will lead to irreversible  traffic and wear patterns show up in carpets over the years and occur at in the main walk ways  and traffic paths through the connected rooms. Kids and teens tend to drag their feet when they walk and when they don't remove their shoes it creates wear in the traffic areas  when going from a hard surface to a carpet.

Another reason you get premature wear is dirt in your carpet. Dirt is abrasive and when we walk, the dirt grinds against the sides of the carpet fibers like sandpaper and damages  the carpet fibers. The result, at these high traffic areas, is that the carpet fibers get physically worn away and create a dull oxidized browning appearance. Also, because the fibers are frayed, they will absorb dirt. Dirt has nitrogen and this will discolor the carpet and this is irreversible. 

Protein Stains

Protein stains seem to keep coming back because on improper ph. Such as dog and cat urine, red gatorade, tomato sauce or coffee and tea stains can be notoriously difficult to completely clean up after a spill. Removing these high ph stains from carpet, especially stains that have set in over time and keep reappearing to the carpet, can be frustrating. A reappearing stain that happens after steam cleaning is called “wicking,” may get removed from the backing of the carpet with steam cleaning methods, but not from the carpeting or upholstery padding underneath. Protein stains are usually not permanent, and can be removed with proper cleaning procedures.

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