Common Carpet Cleaning Questions: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Common Carpet Cleaning Questions: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Common Carpet Cleaning Questions: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Hiring professional carpet cleaners in Castle Rock Co can be confusing  because most Castle Rock homeowners  only ask ONE Common QuestionHow Much Do You Charge?  Unfortunately, the answer to this question won’t say much about a company’s reputation and experience.  Instead, when your looking for a carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co, ask the following questions and find the most qualified carpet cleaning company.

  1. Does your carpet cleaning company remove almost any stain from my carpet?
  2. Can you get rid of Urine Stains and pet odors from my carpets and padding?
  3. Will stains resurface after cleaning?
  4. How long will my carpets be wet when you finish the carpet cleaning?
  5. Is there anything to help dry my carpets quicker?
  6. Do you move upholstery and personal belongings?  Is that extra?
  7. Do you use Steam or dry cleaning ? Which process is better)
  8. How long does your carpet cleaning take?
  9. Are you  carpet cleaning technicians certified by the IICRC?  If so, how many classes have you've been certified in?
  10. Do you Guarantee your carpet cleaning?  If so, are you willing to return if sets come back and I'm not happy with the job?

These questions may sound pretty basic , but how many times have you though about other things about the carpet cleaning process?  Instead, you probably think all carpet cleaning companies are the same, but there not. A Carpet cleaners experience and reputation in the community are very important. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock has nothing but 5 star reviews on Google.

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