Cleaning Or Buying New Carpet, What You need To Know: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Cleaning Or Buying New Carpet, What You need To Know: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Installing carpet in your Castle Rock home is a lot like anything else — the moment you use it, the wearing begins.

Most carpet manufacturers say their carpet lasts around 10 to 15 years, but with professional carpet cleaning, homeowners are able to extend the life of their carpet even longer by professional carpet cleaners. At some point, though, you’ll need to decide whether cleaning or buying new carpet is the best choice. To find out cleaning or buying is right for you, consider these factors:

Yarn Delamination

Has your carpet fibers started to delaminate? Are you moving furniture to cover rips and tears, or using area rugs to cover damage?  Matted carpet, tears and significant wear on the main walkways are major signs your carpet is on its death bed.

Berber carpet fibers are known for loops coming loose and once they do it doesn’t return to normal, even with professional cleaning. Polyester carpets, however, is more resilient than better to carpet cleaning, even when its worn.

You might be able to have a company like TLC Carpet Care repair small damages or try do do it yourself.  However major damage can be an indication the carpet needs to be replaced, especially if the damage is extensive.

Permanent Staining

Are you covering up stains with furniture and rugs when cleaning fails to remove them? If your carp has permanent stains like paint or bleach, it’s time to replace the carpet. Most carpets come with a stain-resistant finish, but in as little as two years if not reapplied the treatment breaks down, and eventually the carpet is left unprotected. Professional carpet cleaning companies know how to remove tough stains. Thou stains like paint and bleaching or sun damage is not cleanable. 

Stains caused by cats and dogs that leave urine, feces, vomit are usually easy to clean them immediately. But these biological substances eventually will absorb into the backing of the latex making it harder to clean. If the urine and stool stains are in several places, consider replacing the carpet to avoid ammonia gases. TLC Carpet Care recommends they sometimes get creative with replacing small pieces of stained carpet by removing carpet from a rarely used closet.

 Age of carpet

Do you still have the same carpet from 20 years ago that came with your house? Have you never cleaned it?  Carpets were not meant to last forever, even with regular cleaning. Most manufacturers say carpet should last for 10 to 15 years with annual cleaning. After 5 years, signs of wear show in traffic areas like hallways and stairs and the carpet fibers start losing their plush apperance. If you find yourself cleaning the carpet over and over and it still looks dirty, it might be time to buy new carpet. Signs of a senior carpet include dye loss, sun fading, wear, ripples, wrinkles and lack of padding support.

Odors and Bacteria

Are you lighting candles every time you have guest? Spot-cleaning carpets and even professional cleaning might remove stains and odors from the carpet, but sometimes you can still smell after cleaning or it even gets worse. TLC Carpet Care suggests asking carpet cleaners what method they use to digest bacteria, if odors is a problem. “The odor won’t go away unless they deep clean the carpets. If you’ve tried to get rid of the old carpet smell and it still smells, consider buying new carpet.

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