Cleaning Olefin Carpet: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Cleaning Olefin Carpet: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Cleaning OLEFIN CARPET: carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Gather a group of carpet cleaning technicians which carpet brand and type of carpet do you hate cleaning the most?” and the answer will probably be; Olefin Berber Carpet”.  

WHY The Hate, Whats BaD About Olefin?

Olefin Carpet is not a natural fiber its made out Polypropylene or plastic, and comes from recycled soda jars. It's better know as Berber Carpets. It’s usually recommended by retail outlets that specializes in flooring. Its really FAKE Carpet. doesn't sound nice but it’s true.

When Castle Rock consumers only shop by cheap coupon prices, they are usually encouraged to go with Olefin or Berber because of it’s profit margins. Olefin carpet cost less than any other carpet manufacture but also wears out faster than any other natural fiber so, you will need to replace it more often than other carpet if you want it to look nice you'll have to clean it 4 times a year. Olefin is highly stain-resistant because it is plastic, but not soil-resistant, as it attracts dirt and sand very easily, so you have to vacuum more frequently. Don’t walk with bare feet on Olefin because the oils on your feet attract soil, wear socks, however this is proper care for all types of carpet. lastly never ever wear shoes.


The difference is: staining and just a spot.

  • Staining occurs when a substance comes into contact with the fiber, and compromises the dye in the fiber, thereby altering the dye structure. For example, a glass of red wine spilled on a carpet could leave a red stain on a white wool carpet. 
  • Soiling is caused by a residue left from a carpet cleaning chemical that was not fully rinsed or from body oils from your skin and even pets. The residue sticks to the carpet and attracts and hides the dirt. The build-up of dirt leaves the appearance of a soiled traffic areas.

Olefin is highly stain-resistant but unfortunately is does not resist dirt at all. I like to use the analogy if you rub steel wool on the glass it will be clean but it will still look dull in the area that you rubbed with steel wool. The same thing happens with Olefin carpet. It tend to show wear and premature damage.

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