Cleaning Carpets With Water Tool Claw- Parker CO

Cleaning Carpets With Water Tool Claw- Parker CO

Cleaning Carpets With Water Tool Claw- Parker CO

 If your pet keeps on pooping on the carpet every now and then, the odor will accumulate no matter how often you clean it. This is because the bacteria grows overtime and resides underneath the carpet fibers and pad. To completely remove  you’ll need expert carpet cleaning method such as TLC CARPET CARE IN Parker Co.

Water Claw Vacuuming is a flat electric extractor with a hose to dispose waste and fluid. It is smaller than the regular vacuum cleaner and has tougher metal flat mouth to absorb all foul residues.

When it comes to removing urine in carpets the biggest challenge is being able to remove all the urine. One of these challenges is the fact that the urine can flow thru the carpets into the padding. Now theirs the water claw this tool help saturate the carpet and padding thus being able to completely remove the urine in the padding as well. TLC Carpet Care in Parker CO has all the tools necessary to help with all your pet problems.

Cleaning with Water Claw Vacuuming work wonders for your dirty and stained carpet. 
It eradicates the unwanted waste and extracts deep seated urine underneath the fibers.
It is tough on the grime, but is gentle enough to preserve the natural texture of your carpet. When combined with antibacterial cleaning solution and steam vacuum cleaning, the Water Claw leaves your carpet squeaky clean.

If the stain and odor on your carpet won’t go away, the carpet backing and pad must be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. The stained spot may be soaked with a specialized liquid for about 10 minutes (depending on the carpet material and the type of solution) then vacuumed again using the Water Claw. To polish and condition the fibers, a liquid solution may be sprayed on the carpet and then finished off with a steam vacuum machine.

If you opt for speedier drying time, you can replace the steam vacuum cleaner with a dry vacuum machine. You can also spread shampoo or detergent powder on the fibers for a speedier cleaning time. However, the antibacterial solution and heating process on the steam cleaning is important in killing bad bacteria and certain viruses. You can choose to have the dry vacuuming set on the third round of cleaning.

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