Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


In today's culture of let's clean everything green, Castle Rock homeowners are becoming aware of the harmful effects of toxins being used for cleaning wether its your kitchen, bathroom or your carpets.  We have many clients who call that are wanting a green carpet cleaning process. “Can you clean my carpet without chemicals?” is a common concern in todays green culture.

In truth there are only two ways  to clean a carpet without chemicals is just by vacuuming them three times a week or just do a professional steam cleaning only without treatments, but even steam cleaning has trace chemicals. However, what is usually meant when asked if we can clean your carpet without chemicals is, will to clean well without chemicals?”

The short answer is, NO, 98% of the time. A carpet cleaning company should have a variety of green products that are very safe to use, however do the really work, not when homeowners wait till their carpets are too soiled. Green cleaning only works with light soiling. Green carpet cleaning is a lovely thought but mostly not practical with most homeowners and if you have protein stains like coffee and blood, green cleaning will not remove those stains, neither rust, paint, soil infiltration and the list goes on. 

For most Castle Rock homeowners, a normal process  would be to pre-treat your carpet with a natural enzymes pre-spray and groom thru your carpets fibers like normal. The next step would be an acid rinse and extract the carpet with clean hot water. The hot water extraction rinse would remove virtually all the enzymes and leave very zero residue in your carpet.

For other clients who are extremely sensitive, a carpet cleaning company should have a green cleaning pre-spray that is safe. However it is worth noting, most homeowners and renters alike they wait till the carpets are too soiled and green cleaning options are not effective with heavily soiled carpets and if you have pet stains and odors a urine stain will simply laugh at an green cleaning product. You will have to use something more aggressive. It's just a necessary evil. However this process still can be safe as everything used will be completely extracted, 

There is also an acid rinse that can be used that matches this pre-spray and meets the same stringent restrictions. Or, if you prefer, your carpet cleaning tech can simply rinse and extract the pre-treated carpeting with steam extraction, as mentioned previously.

It’s is comforting top know that most carpet cleaning companies like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock has safe carpet cleaning options for you and your family, but if you prefer green carpet cleaning then you must clean more frequently for them to work. An experienced and certified carpet cleaning technician will be able to evaluate your cleaning needs while answering all your questions and concerns providing you with a safe carpet cleaning process. 

For more info on Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning visit our website at and to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment call us at 720-314-0178 Carpet Cleaners located in Castle Rock Co. 

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