Castle Rock Co Carpet Cleaning Professionals: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Castle Rock Co Carpet Cleaning Professionals: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is an important to keeping your carpets manufacture warrantee up to date and is also important not only for appearance’s sake but for your times air quality as  well. While vacuuming daily does remove some of the lose debris  like sand and dirt, having a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co deep clean your carpets and penetrate through the layers of your carpet fibers and remove spots and stains that you can’t necessarily see with the naked eye. These stains can be host to a variety of bacteria and pollens if not cleaned on a frequent basis. The professionally certified cleaning technicians at TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co use our state of the art carpet cleaning equipment to make sure that we get down deep throughly to the backing of the carpet and clean those hard to get areas that your house hold vacuum cleaner can’t get to.

Ask TLC Carpet Care about our carpet spot removers for those day-to-day spots and spills that help you maintain your carpets in between your regularly scheduled carp[et cleanings. When it comes to spot removers don't uses products from the store like Resolve, Natures Miracle, and Oxyclean. The spotters are so high in PH if you don't thoroughly rinse them and extract and neutralize these chemicals they will leave a residue and your carpets will only get dirty faster.  Our Spot Removers are  effective at removing most stains and spills like drink  and food spills, pet stains, rust, ink , blood and grease. For those pesky pet stains, our Urine Stain Remover has a peroxide based acidic that eliminates all urine stains and reverses the yellow as well as killing the bacteria. 

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