Carpet Stains Can Be Removed: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Stains Can Be Removed: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Carpet Stains Can Be Removed: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co can remove any spills that is not a oxidized stain, however, there are situations in which permanent staining can occur. TLC carpet care has put together a list of stains which may or may not be removed. The spots listed are common stains that can be found in your carpets and fabrics.

Browning  Browning can be as simple as neutralizing the high ph stain or area by spraying an acidity on it, or it can be hard to remove. There are many unknown causes for browning. It is so common, that we have acidity products on our trucks just for browning.

Filtration soiling (black lines around baseboard)  We can usually get some of the filtration soiling out, but it almost never comes all the way out. Filtration soiling is when carpet “filters” soil going through cracks and crevices. The particles are so fine, and it goes all the way down the sides of the yarn and through the backing which makes it almost impossible to remove.

When urine is an acidity but when it dries it has an alkalizing effect on the carpets which is why the stain turns yellow. . If the urine has been there a long time and never cleaned before, the chances are much harder to remove. However, urine will continue to deteriorate the carpet, so it is extremely important to remove the urine deposits even if the spot does not come out. Every day we remove urine spots and every day we find urine spots that will not come out, so it's unpredictable. Very important to know however, is that we have a Urine Stain Remover  that is included in our specialty Pet Solutions Package: When cleaning a urine spot, we first apply a urine pre-treatment that helps to break down the urine salts and neutralize it. The salts is then thoroughly removed If spot is still there, we use other specialty spotters to attempt removal. The final step whether the spot comes out or not, is to spray an enzyme on it that will continue to break it down and help with the odor if any.

Urine odors
TLC Carpet Care offer bio modifier enzymes  processes in addition to our urine stain remover.

Vomit Acidity
Same as urine (If there dye in cat food, see dye removal)

Blood  If blood can be the most stubborn protein to remove, if hot water or alkaline cleaning products have not been used, chances are good, but not guarantee.

Rust Deposits TLC has a product called T- Rust that is excellent, and is always guaranteed

Dye Stains
From Foods and beverages and some makeups
Red dye is almost impossible to remove unless conditions are exactly right. If the carpet is new, chances are better. In many cases the only way to remove red dye is with a heat transfer process in which we apply a product to the spot, lay over a wet cloth and apply an iron to it to cause the spot to transfer into the white towel. The spot is then rinsed thoroughly. This is a last resort procedure and may remove some of the carpet dye as well. Very low chance of red dye removal in most cases.

Lipstick  TLC will be able to remove it with our line of  solvents, however some lipstick may have red dye category which gives it slim chances for removal.

Furniture Bleeding  Permanent stain

Sodas  Easy to remove

Tea  Protein spots can sometimes cause a permanent stain, but we always have success.

Coffee  Same as tea, however coffee many times is spilled when very hot which can make it more difficult and may require multiple carpet cleanings.

Ketchup  Ketchup can go either way. Sometimes it comes out easily, other times it enters into the dye category.

Mustard  Can be very difficult to remove. Not always impossible, but many times it is impossible.

Paint  Although we have removed a lot of enamel paint, there has also been a lot that we have not. Case by case basis, no guarantee. If you have a paint spill cover it with a wet towel to prevent drying and call a carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

Paint (latex)  – Always permanent, colored latex can permanently stain carpet, and hardened latex can be impossible.

Crayons We carry excellent solvents, water based always comes out with normal carpet cleaning.

Water rings We carry special products for water rings, and have good success overall, but still sometimes doesn't come out.
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