Carpet & Rug Fiber Protection: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet & Rug Fiber Protection: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

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       Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co offers carpet protection. Carpet protection helps keep your carpet, area rugs, and upholstery protected from spots and spills and keeps your fibers cleaner for longer. It allows for easier removal of wet and dry spills, which extends the life of your carpet and the time between annual carpet cleanings. 


How Protection works: Carpet protection works by creating a barrier around every carpet fiber. This protection is a invisable film that resists water and oil based soils. Once post treated, soils will not stick to the carpet fiber; therefore, when spills happen the it repels the liquid from soaking in and when the fibers are cleaned, the soil is released. Liquid spills will bead up on the surface of the carpet fibers and dry soils can be cleaned up more easily with just spot cleaning, 

How often should carpet protection be applied after carpet cleaning? Carpet and Area Rug manufacturers like Shaw Industries apply a protective coating like the Stain Master series or finish to new carpet. Over time, this finish becomes break down by high ph carpet cleaning chemicals and normal foot traffic. TLC Carpet Care highly recommend the application of fiber protection once every 2 years as recommended by Dupont Teflon. The best time to apply fiber protection is after any carpet cleaning preferably during summer for dry time purposes. 


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