Carpet Dyeing: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Dyeing: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet DYEING: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

before and after shot of carpet being dyed

Carpet Dyeing for your Castle Rock Home 

Carpet dyeing is a process that re-dyes your carpets, single family homes, condos, apartments, etc. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock utilizes quality products and equipment and certified technicians to ensure maximum results. The process is clean, odorless, fast drying, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and as permanent as your original mill dyes.

If you carpet is in poor condition and you want the original look agai, or transformed, you can invest in thousands of dollars to replace the carpeting or at a fraction of the cost decide to hire TLC Carpet Care for your carpet dye services.

Pet Stains, sun discoloring, and permanent spots are no longer reasons to replace your carpets. With our  process we blend in faded areas, spot dye stain and rejuvenate carpets. Most carpets can be re-dyed to like-new condition with a different color. Our carpet dyes are great quality, will not fade away, and will not clean off with future carpet cleanings. If sun-bleaching and stains, or have damaged your carpet color, or if your carpet color simply looks really bad, TLC Carpet Care has the answer. We will re-dye your carpet to like-new condition without replacement.


We stand behind our service 100% or you don't pay. We guarantee our dyes to be permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet. We also guarantee your satisfaction!


TLC Carpet Care uses a very low-moisture quick dyeing system making our services very convenient for Castle Rock homeowners. Our dyes bond with the fibers and existing carpet color, we guarantee our dyes to be colorfast instantly and for the duration of the carpets life. 


  • Saves money
  • Extend the life of your carpet
  • Carpet looks new
  • Recolor worn areas
  • Color your carpets to match your walls
  • More convenient than installing new carpet
  • Doesn't take long
  • Typically, the dyeing process takes between 4-8 hours, depending on the square footage. 


All Carpets can be very re-dyed, if they are made of berber, or nylon both of which are dyeable materials. Silk is made from fibers or yarns that have been dyed prior to being woven into a rug and can be re-dyed. The re-dyeing process is permanent, colorfast, and pet friendly. 

Certain Carpets  as polyester and olefin are not dyeable. If you are not sure what your carpet is made of, a certified carpet technician from TLC Carpet Care can easily and quickly test the material to determine the fiber content.


TLC Carpet Care will move all major furniture. We do ask, however, that you remove all breakables items removed from the furniture as well. 

For more info on carpet dyeing visit our website at or call our office at 720-314-0178