Carpet Cleaning With Truck Mounts: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning With Truck Mounts: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

 CARPET CLEANING With Truck Mounts

 Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock co


Castle Rock customers ask all the time, do you have truck mounts? The answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY!! TLC Carpet Care's truck mounted hot water extraction is a steam cleaning process. A bio break enzyme pretreatment used together are the most effective way to always have the most thorough carpet cleaning, especially when carpets are very soiled.

Carpet manufactures have been spent a lot of time and money to make carpet fibers that hide dirt as long as possible. Carpets should be cleaned not because they look dirty but because it's what you can't see thats damaging your carpets. It removes the dirt that causes wear causing the carpet to be frayed. Residential carpets that are worn and damaged should be cleaned with TLC Carpet Care's the truck mounted steam extraction method. This carpet cleaning process is the most thorough type of carpet cleaning.

Many commercial carpets respond better to the truck mount carpet cleaning process then any other carpet cleaning process.  It is impossible to never have dirty carpets but with the right carpet cleaning machine your carpets can stay clean all year around, and the final step is to get a very good protector like Dupont Teflon.

TLC Carpet Care's carpet cleaning is process following the standards set by the IICRC. Pre-Inspection walk thru checking for damage and hard stains, pre-vacuum, pretreating with traffic cleaners and spot treatments, Pre-grooming, truck mount extraction, neutralize, post spot treatments, Teflon carpet protector, commercial fans, post rake, and walk thru inspection. TLC Carpet Care offers this complete carpet cleaning process for one price with no hidden fees.. This will get the carpet as clean as it can get. Once the carpet has been restored to a clean and healthy state it can be kept there by changing your vacuums filter and clean regularly. Vacuuming regularly with a vacuum like Hoover is the best way to keep damaging abrasive dirt from getting trapped in your carpets.

TLC Carpet Care is open for cleaning Monday Thru Sunday from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Major Holidays may affect these hours. Evening appoints may be available upon special request for move in's or move out's. 

If you would like to try carpet cleaning with truck mounts call us at 720-314-0178 and you can visit our website at Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

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