Carpet Cleaning Treatments For Pet Odors: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Treatments For Pet Odors: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Treatments For Pet Odors: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Pet odors that are treated from the carpet and/or pad involve a series of steps for guaranteed odor elimination. TLC Carpet Care's carpet cleaning technician rolls the carpet back to inspect the padding. If the padding is saturated with urine, it must be replaced with new padding. If the subfloor is also saturated, we must apply  bleach. New padding is reinstalled and the back and front of the carpet is treated with a bio treatment to kill the odors Then an enzyme is added to complete the process by neutralizing the odors allowing it to be broken down so it can be extracted out of the carpet.

Problems can occur with carpet cleaning with pet urine only without our Pet Solutions Process. Urine salts are sticky and cannot be removed with just steam cleaning the carpets.  Steam cleaning using HOT water activates the ammonia gases and increases the intensity of the odor. This odor can become air bourne depending on how far it’s affected into the floor may go away after cleaning or may persist more intensely after cleaning. The only way to guarantee removal of the odor is to do our Pet Solutions Process on your carpets.

Treatments for Pet Urine Salts

Treatment only for pet urine odor elimination is also available. Upon request, we can treat only the surface of the carpet with a enzyme treatment. This treatment will only break down the urine that it can physically treat contact and allow that portion to be removed from the surface of the carpet. We cannot guarantee this service since we are not treating other areas that may have urine. Many Castle Rock homeowners will try this option first as it is less expensive.

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