Carpet Cleaning Steps: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Steps: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

CARPET CLEANING STEPS: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Carpet Cleaning Steps by TLC Carpet Care

TLC Carpet Care shares our multi-step carpet cleaning process so you know what to expect on the day of your carpet cleaning appointment. 



  1. Walk-through: First, our carpet cleaning technicians will walk through the your Castle Rock house to see the rooms that need to be cleaned, identifying heavy soiling traffic areas, pet urine stains, or damaged carpet in need of repair like carpet rippling. Your technician will talk with you about your questions and concerns and what can be done to correct these issues.
  2. Moving Breakables: We will ask you to come all breakables and light furniture before beginning our carpet cleaning process. Please note, we practice safety precautions when furniture moving is provided. All furniture is moved with the exception of heavy items like sofa sleepers, beds, large dining tables, dressers or any electronic equipment including big screen tv's desk with computers ect.  Please secure all pets before our arrival. 
  3. Vacuum: Using a commercial vacuum, we will vacuum  areas where pet hair is present not covered by furniture, to remove as much of the pet hair as possible.
  4. Pre-treating Using our Bio-Break Enzyme treatment, we pre-treat all carpets before we begin cleaning to ensure the best chance of removing spots and high traffic soiling. If the carpet cleaning technician finds anything that requires a more thorough deep cleaning, they will let you know and discuss with you the options and cost 
  5. Carpet Cleaning: We will use our truck-mount steam carpet cleaning method, applying a light mist across the surface. TLC Carpet Care uses the best truck-mont cleaning technology to gently extract the soil from the fibers. This process is known as steam extraction. The soil is trapped in the cleaning solution and extracted with our powerful steam truck-mount cleaning machines.
  6. Grooming: We use a professional carpet rake to groom carpet fibers, raising the carpet pile, bringing it to a plush fluffy look.

Each carpet cleaning visit is backed by our money back policy. We guarantee to clean your carpets to your complete satisfaction, or we will return and re-clean your carpets as soon as possible. Contact us within two weeks of the day of our cleaning, if you are not satisfied.

Check out our carpet cleaning steps at or call us at 720-314-0178

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