Carpet Cleaning Services In Castle Rock Co; Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Services In Castle Rock Co; Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Services In Castle Rock Co 

Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

At TLC Carpet Care, we believe that carpet cleaning saves you money; we believe it keeps you from spending thousands on investing to replacement down the road. Professional carpet cleaning performed for you by TLC Carpet Care means that you are investing in your carpets and rugs and want to extend the life to the carpets you already invested initially.

Professional carpet cleaning is a chemical process, and we have taken all the necessary steps to educate ourselves with the carpet cleaning technology required to produce the absolute best cleaning results when cleaning your carpets. We use environmentally-safe products that protects the health and beauty of your Castle Rock residence or office by removing not only everyday soiling, but also harmful bacteria and fungi.

When TLC Carpet Care cleans your carpets and rugs, they look cleaner, feel softer, and smell fresher. You know you are getting the best because we have invested our time into the proper procedures and guidelines to provide the best carpet cleaning possible.We provide fast-drying carpet cleaning to avoid long dry times, slippery conditions on hard surfaces, new soil buildup, and improper ph levels. Carpets are never soaked, and residues never remain. All soiling is removed by our expert cleaning equipment, manned by a responsible and professional technician.

TLC Carpet Care offers complete carpet care programs to maintain high traffic areas, like halls and stairs, spot and stain removal options, and the application of Dupont Teflon carpet protective treatments. Area rugs are cleaned in the same professional way that carpet is done: enzyme treatments are applied to break up soiling, followed up by an acid rinse that takes all of that loosened soil right out of your carpets.

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