Carpet Cleaning Services Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Services Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

CARPET CLEANING Services  Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock 

TLC Carper Care's unique, customized “Multi-Method” step approach to carpet cleaning insures the most deepest, most effect carpet cleaning you can get. TLC understands  that no one carpet cleaning method is right for every carpet or fabric. With our ability to use various carpet cleaning chemicals , scrubbers and modern wands and tools, there is no need to over saturate with water or strong chemicals. Now quicker drying is available and saturated carpets are not happening.

Residential  services

  • Our family ran business has an extremely passionate about our clients  and educate you with knowledge it takes to clean your carpets and maintain them. TLC  provides the very best customer service
  • Eco friendly and family safe cleaning formulas and fabric protectors
  • A focused and committed attention to detail that can’t be beat!
  • The carpet cleaning industry’s most powerful truck mount technology and  extraction units and the very latest in low moisture applications.
  • A thorough pre-vacuuming to remove as much dirt and hair as possible before cleaning. 
  • Soft acid water rinse to leave your carpets and fabrics looking and feeling like new.
  • Use of tabs to protect your carpets and furniture,  corner guards to protect your baseboards and stairs.

With 18 years of continual education our carpet cleaning process allows TLC carpet Care in Castle Rock Co deliver quick drying, soft fluffy carpets!

Along with Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) TLC Carpet Care is proud to offer Castle Rock and the Franktown Area homeowners and renters upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and pet stain and odor removal services are all available.

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