Carpet Cleaning Services: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Services: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Services Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Castle Rock homeowners think that the Scotch-Gard protection came with the carpet they bought should last for the life of the carpet, however it really only last two years and less if you use the wrong chemicals on your carpets. Some protectants begin to wear rather faster with heavier traffic in the home. If you have a habit  of taking your shoes off each time you enter the home, then you will see less dirt accumulation. however Scotch-Gard begins to wear in the main traffic areas in as little as 2 years after you bought if. So what you want to to do is after professional carpet cleaning  have an application of Scotchgard put on your carpet. This will put back the protection back in your carpet and create a barrier that will help resist daily spills from soaking into the in the carpets fibers. 

Scotchgard is a top of the line carpet protector most recognized by Castle Rock homeowners who hear the name. Many well known carpet textiles like Shaw Industries use a scotchgard in their carpets during the manufacturing process. This allows the carpet stores to offer a money back  warranty that assures the buyer they have a carpet that will give them great performance for many years to come. There are other name brands of fabric protection out in the markets as well, but for the purposes of providing this information, we will mention a name that most people can remember.

Scotchgard has a great reputation, and carpet cleaners enjoy using the product with confidence after they clean a homeowners carpet. As we mentioned at the beginning, any of these protectors over time will begin to wear off. So, if you want to get the most life out of your carpet then please be aware of the importance of having this procedure done each time your carpet is professionally cleaned.

In reality how could you not have a carpet protector in the event of the worst spills. Drinks like wine have dye and can be very unforgiving and sometimes impossible to clean. Other difficult spills like proteins like coffee and blood. Not protecting your carpets puts your carpets at high risk. 

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock has the products to make sure that the application of Scotchgard, or a fabric protector of simular quality is applied correctly. This protective process should be done each time you clean your carpets. Why? Because the Scotchgard appied to carpet coming from the factory is to high temperatures set in the carpet, whereas the application from a carpet cleaning company is a post surface process. It works the same, and is the same product, but the heat set process is not something professional carpet cleaners have are not able to do. So applying it each time you time you clean will ensure that your carpet has protection for years to come .

TLC Carpet Care is ready to assist you with this important part of maintaining your carpet. For all of your carpet cleaning needs, we recommend you to try our services by calling us at . We are so confident that you will see a real difference in our carpet cleaner services in Castle Rock Co that we will give you a money back guarantee. Call us Today at 720.314.0178 for carpet cleaning services in Castle Rock.