Carpet Cleaning Service in Castle Rock Co: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Service in Castle Rock Co: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Service in Castle Rock Co: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock 

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co has cleaned many different carpets in many different homes and commercial properties over the last twi decades. After thousands of carpet cleanings jobs, there isn’t much that we have not cleaned. Whatever your problem areas are, we can help. Our proven, truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines  can clean any carpet. We can clean the carpet in almost every home and large commercial buildings to small store fronts as well as almost any apartment, condo or townhome.

The following is what to expect and prepare for on the day of your carpet cleaning:

Upon our arrival, the owner, TLC Carpet Care carpet cleaning technician will greet you, prepared to address and assess your carpet cleaning needs. Initially, we perform a thorough inspection, checking for heavily soiled areas and damaged fibers, bleach stains, pet urine and odors  or any other organic problems that may concern you. TLC carpet Care in Castle Rock prides ourselves in our attention to details and personal service. We will give you an estimate of what you would like completed the day of your service which involves the inspection and measurement of the area(s) to be cleaned.

We request that you please open windows, turn on your AC during warmer months, move breakable items, secure your pets and clear a pathway so that we have an open area to perform our job. In addition, please have an outside water source  available so we may connect to the fresh water.

We utilize a Pro Chem Everest truck-mounted steam cleaning system which uses hot water extraction. Hot water over 220 degrees extraction cleaning (steam-cleaning) is what the leading carpet manufacturers like Shaw Industries recommend to professionally clean your carpets.

Before we begin, we will apply corner guards to protect the paint on your walls, where needed and we will secure our hoses whenever possible.

To begin with, we will pre-spray all areas included in your estimate/quote and pre-treat small spots with our special pretreatments. Heavy traffic and spotted areas are agitated to uplift and break up soil and other debris. We use enzyme solution and a acid rinse which breaks up and removes the dirt, leaving your carpet clean and residue free. During the carpet cleaning we take special care to tuck in any edges of your carpet and trim up the loose fibers. We always wipe down any hard-surface areas, such as tile and hardwood before finishing so that any moisture, footprints are not left behind. We ensure that your carpet is not only clean, safe to walk on and healthier environment. 

Your carpet, looking fresh and clean, typically dries in approximately 8-10 hours but may still be damp in certain areas for up to 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity level. Please contact us today for any questions or concerns you may have. You will also find helpful information on our website at

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