Carpet Cleaning Methods: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Methods: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co



Carpet cleaning can be just renting store products to rented steam cleaners at Home depot and professional cleaning services. You have several different options when it comes to cleaning your carpets, but how do you know which to choose for your Castle Rock home?

In house carpet cleaning methods

There’s a wide range of carpet cleaning spot removers that use chemicals to break down and lift stains out of your carpet. Some chemicals include spray-on products and carpet cleaning powders that can be sprayed on and then later vacuumed up.

One advantage to carpet cleaning products is they can be used to remove every day spills and spots. They’re also cheaper than many carpet cleaning methods, and they dry in about an hour. 

However, the chemicals in these products are extremely TOXIC and can cause damage to your lungs if inhaled in large amounts. Some store-bought cleaning products have a bleaching agent, so it’s always wise to test a small section of carpet before applying it throughout your Castle Rock home.

Renting carpet cleaning portables from a store

To clean the the entire house, some homeowners choose to rent a steam-cleaning machine from their local hardware store. These machines are often available by the hour and usually require additional chemicals. You may also have to purchase safety gloves and mask separately.  Be sure to follow directions that come with the cleaner to make sure they don't damage the carpet fibers.

It’s also important to note that despite the name, these machines don’t actually use steam to clean. Instead, they use hot water thru a wand to soak your carpet, and then use suction to suck the water back out to be poured in your toilet. 

Some of the benefits to renting a carpet cleaning machines is they are cheap and are more thorough than store-bought carpet cleaning products. However, they also are a much harder job labor wise, and you could always injure yourself. 

Hiring TLC Carpet Care

Another option is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. TLC uses steam-cleaning methods to refresh your carpets.

Professional steam-cleaning truck mounts are not anything like the portables and they use high-powered steam to remove stains. Professional cleaners may charge per square foot or by the room. Some charge extra for pretreating.

Many companies now use green cleaning products. In addition, they know how to effectively remove all stains and can recommend specific cleaning chemicals based on your carpet type, its age and level of soiling. We at TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock utilizes the Most Powerful Cleaning Units available!

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