Carpet Cleaning Frequency In Castle Rock CO

Carpet Cleaning Frequency In Castle Rock CO

Carpet Cleaning Frequency Castle Rock Colorado

How often should I clean my carpets is one of the most common questions we get here at TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock CO. First thing to always consider is making sure you clean according to the manufactures warantee. Most common warantees require you to clean at the very least annually. Be sure to to check with your manufactures specific requirements. Also manufacters warantees require you to have a proffesional carpet cleaner clean your carpets. Also a specific cleaning process maybe required. Shaw industry the largest industry of carpet manufactering textiles recommends steam cleaning as the recommended cleaning process. You must also be carefull as to make sure you use the correct spot cleaners for accidental spotting. Some cleaaners are extremely high in PH.These spotters can leave an extermely high residue. without a knowledge of Ph you could leave the carpet in a high state of alkaline which can leave a residue and cause even more spotting. Some cleaners have bleaching agents that can comprimise the original dye structure. this can create quite an eye sore. With cleaning frequecies you at the very least shoulkd consider cleaning the carpets once a year. Families with alot of activity such as kids or pets should perhaps clean twice a year. Commercial properties should clean at least quarterly. Some may say my carpets dont look dirty but dont let your carpets fool you they do a great job of hiding things. Waiting to the carpets are looking dirty can cause oxidation and pernament wear.

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