Carpet Cleaning For The Winter: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock C0

Carpet Cleaning For The Winter: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock C0

Carpet Cleaning For The Winter Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

As the colder Castle Rock weather starts to move in we often find clients don’t want to have their carpets cleaned because of the snow. Perhaps it is because family comes to visit, or attention is focused on the holidays., But middle of winter is a neccessary time to clean carpets and area rugs, and here are some reasons why:

As you spend more time indoors animal dander and allergen pollutants build up in the carpet fibers, negatively effecting the air quality and can effect your breathing While regular vacuuming a couple of times a week definitely helps the best  solution is a hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. 

Most everyone is concerned about dry time for the carpets during the winter, but its really no different than any other time of year.  On average dry time is between 6-12 hours. Thou some factors suggest it can be quicker. In the winter months the air is less humid and thus contributes to quicker drying times. No doubt by the middle of winter  your carpets are already subjected to snow and dirt showing some ugly traffic area, some may have the tendency to wait until spring cleaning but your carpets won't survive that long without oxidation and permanent wear patterns and  the longer you leave soil in the carpet fiber the more it will be hard to clean

, Lastly another great reason to have your carpets cleaned November -March is that it is usually pretty easy to schedule the exact appointment you desire to your schedule and we tend to have winter discounts.