Carpet Cleaning Encapsulation: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Carpet Cleaning Encapsulation: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO


Carpet Cleaning Encapsulation: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

In many Castle Rock commercial buildings, schools and other facilities, the effort to maintain and restore carpets can be a costly, time-consuming task. To lessen the burden and boost outcomes for their Castle Rock homeowners, a growing number of building service contractors are incorporating encapsulation into their carpet care programs as an interim method to prolong deep carpet cleanings with extractors.

Encapsulation is typically a much faster, easier process than hot water extraction, thereby increasing productivity and reducing labor costs. 

“Encapsulation chemicals encapsulate and crystallize with powders the soils that are attached to the carpet fibers, causing them to release from the fibers and clump together,” says Crowe. “When the product dries, you vacuum up the powder, and in the process, you extract up the soil.”

“To say it has revolutionized cleaning over the last few years would be an understatement. “There’s less labor involved, so the cost per square foot is very affordable. Also, low moisture systems are easier to maneuver, so there’s less wear and tear on the custodian.”

Knowing where to encapsulate or how often depends on the type of facility and carpeting, as well as traffic levels. Many carpet cleaning industry experts agree that when encapsulation is used as an interim carpet cleaning method, it can extend the time between hot water extractions.

“In a really heavily used building, you may do encapsulation on a bi-weekly or quarterly basis, and then do hot water extraction once a year,” 

TLC Carpet Care a professional carpet cleaner in Castle Rock Co has incorporated encapsulation cleaning into its carpet cleaning maintance program to keep carpets looking great in-between carpet cleanings. 

“An annual or bi-annual carpet cleaning with encapsulation in between extractions saves a lot of money and time,” says Joshua Dillon,  customer services manager at TLC Carpet Care.

High-traffic areas — such as hallways, foyers and center of rooms — especially need interim carpet cleaning in-between extractions. 

“You have about 90 percent of wear and tear and soil on about 20 percent of your carpet,” says TLC Carpet Care. So, you want to identify that 30 percent and then focus on increasing pretreating, vacuuming and encapsulating in those areas.” 

To help determine if a carpet needs encapsulation or hot water extraction call TLC Carpet Care

“Get down on your hands and knees in traffic areas, pry apart the carpet and shine a light on the backing,” says Kyle Dillon owner of TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. “If you keep it well maintained, you should see the white bottom of the carpet. If it’s black or discolored, you have a ware and ph problem on your hands. You have a lot of soil down there and you need hot steam water extraction.”

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