Can You Steam Clean Carpets Too Much: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Can You Steam Clean Carpets Too Much: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


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This is a question we get a lot from our customers, Can you steam clean your carpets too soon or too much and the answer is NO!!! 

The reason is dirt is like sandpaper and when left in your carpets the dirt scratches the carpet fibers and wears them down. Because dirt is abrasive, every time you walk on carpets dirt can cause damage to your carpet fibers, causing it to fill up your vacuum cleaning bag with what looks like lent but its actually damaged carpets fibers.. A neglected carpet will not last nearly as long as the manufacture says it will if you don't properly clean and maintain it. Most carpets are suppose to last as long as 15 to 20 years if properly maintained, And yes vacuuming remove some of the abrasive dirt, but it simply cant get down deep enough and the longer you neglect getting your carpet professional cleaned the sooner your carpet will need premature replacement. cause your carpets are going to wears out prematurely.

Ya, but once you clean your carpets they're going to get dirtier faster aren't they? Well that is simply up to you. Professional carpet cleaning companies like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co can only clean your carpets, keeping them clean is a homeowners responsibility. 

Things to do after cleaning your carpets to keep them clean is number one maintenance tip. Take off your shoes before coming in. Shoes track in dirt soils, pollens, grease, oil, and a thousand different toxic chemicals all which can damage your carpets, See how doing this one simple task cam make all the difference in the world. You may say well what if your entertaining guest isn't that RUDE? Depends how you approach it. When my friends and family come over to my home, we immediately say: welcome feel free to take off our shoes and make yourself at home. I've never once had anyone be offended by that. 

Can your clean your carpets too much? No, but also as a homeowner if you take simply steps tp keep your carpets maintained they will not need to be cleaned as much as the person who neglects their carpets. I've never heard the words uttered, well i'm not going to shower to today cause I'm just going top get dirty tomorrow. Be good stewards of your carpets just as you would yourself. 

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