Bait And Switch, What You Need To Know: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Bait And Switch, What You Need To Know: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

 “BAIT and SWITCH” What you need to know!! Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Carpet Cleaning Bait & Switch Coupons Explained:

Unfortunately like every industry there are some unethical Carpet Cleaning Companies in Castle Rock Co. Thou most of carpet cleaning companies are honest, there are some that use Bait and switch to scam the consumer.

You will find coupons that offer really low prices, and look like they are from a professional carpet cleaning company. The problem is their prices are to good to be true. Once they arrive at your to your house the price will dramatically change. There is no way a carpet company can profit selling its services below the cost of doing business. The reality is carpet cleaning operational cost are very high. These “Bait & Switch” companies usually have no intention of honoring their coupon prices.

 TLC Carpet Care recommends that you read the fine print so you don’t get ripped off by an unethical “Bait & Switch” scammers. 

Pretreating  Scam

One way they try to get you and raise the price is by adding/selling you pretreating the carpets. This is something that should be included with any normal carpet cleaning service. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co includes this in our carpet cleaning packages. That low price they offered won't include it.  So they will just use water alone. It may have been $7.00  per room to clean it with water only but pretreating will cost you an additional .25 cents per square foot. Considering an average room size of 150 square feet, that would be almost $40.00 per room based on the sg ft. All of a sudden your price can double if not triple. Huge a difference. Can you refuse service yes you can and you should refuse to pay for the pre-conditioning. The problem is most homeowners have spent time getting ready by moving furniture, securing the pets, kicked the kids out of the house maybe you've taken time off work, regardless now you almost feel you have to give in. BUT DON'T!!!  As a matter of fact you should just ask them to leave your home immediately and call a company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. 

 Protection Scam

Almost all carpet cleaning companies offer Dupont Teflon Carpet Protection at reasonable prices, and carpet protectors themselves are usually a great way to protect your carpets from future spills and stains. This doesn’t become “bait and switch” until a scammer tells you that your carpets will be ruined if they don’t have carpet protection applied. This is simply not true. Carpet Protection will certainly extend the life of your carpet and help prevent permanent stains, but you should never feel pressured into purchasing it.

When you call TLC carpet Care in Castle Rock Co you will get transparent and honest pricing over the phone. There will be no surprises. The one thing you can do as a consumer to avoid confusion is to be as accurate as possible as to how many rooms and the size of the rooms. 

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