Area Rug Restoration In Castle Rock Co: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Area Rug Restoration In Castle Rock Co: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

area RUG RESTORATION IN Castle Rock Co carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 




Area Rug Restoration in Castle Rock

TLC Carpet Care offers the most comprehensive area rug restoration services in the Castle Rock with over 20 years of expertise and experience.  We offer a complete range of restoration services for Persian, Wool, Turkish, Pakistani, and Middle Eastern rugs, synthetic, semi-antique or new.

All rug restoration work is done in our shop here in Castle Rock, by our rug cleaning technicians.   For handmade rugs, we offer services like re-weaving, fringe bleaching, binding, and tearing rip repairs.  All our restoration work is of the highest quality.  Call TLC Carpet Care now for more information about how we will restore your rug.

For are rug restoration, we first find the appropriate wool, cotton, or silk to match the rug’s original material. Are repair techs are able to match the color and the type of wool or other original fiber exactly, ensuring an exact match.  Our repairs match the original weaver’s technique, ensuring the naked eye will not usually be able to tell between the repair work and the original weaving. We can restore any rugs, restore incomplete or weak rug fringes, fading colors, weak foundations and low pile, taking care to redesign the delicate rugs.  We can reweave broken ends and restore loose corners  and fix rips, slits and holes with matching wool, restoring the lost designs.

TLC Carpet Care are experts at reversing color bleeding, flood damage and pet stain and odor restoration, also dogs chewing and cat clawing up rugs.

No two fine carpet repair jobs cost the same.  Pricing is based on each individual rug and their needs.  

Expert Cleaning of Carpets and Rugs in Castle Rock

All our carpet and rug cleaning is done on-site, in our own facility, right here in Castle Rock, using the most modern and safe carpet cleaning processes available.  We pride ourselves in offering the most complete carpet and rug cleaning available, and all at affordable prices.  Cleaning your carpets properly enhances their look and value.

Generally, pricing is by the square foot, so please call us now for an Instant Phone Quote 720-314-0178

Did you know that we clean carpets for many homeowners in Castle Rock?  After 20 years TLC Carpet Care has been a house hold name in the local community and a trusted source for cleaning and rug restoration. 

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