Area Rug Cleaning and Care: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Area Rug Cleaning and Care: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


AREA RUG CLEANING and Care: carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock co is properly trained for all types of area rugs even with the most delicate rugs. Our expert carpet cleaning technicians will only perform in shop are rug cleaning for your  area rug. Wether its wool, or synthetic which TLC Carpet Care cleaning process is recommended for all loose, woven and oriental rugs. Even hand made area rugs if not cleaned property can buckle, brown out, shrink, color fade, transfer colors, or simply not clean as it should if the right carpet cleaning protocol isn't followed in the proper cleaning environment. When cleaning your area rug you should never clean the same way as you would wall to wall carpeting. TLC Carpet Care works with all types of rugs from around the world with great detail and care.

Once your area rug is at our rug in shop facility or cleaned inside your  home, TLC's carpet cleaning technician will pre-examine your area rug fro stains or damage. He will determine which carpet cleaning process and which carpet cleaning chemicals should be used on your rug so you will have the best cleaning possible. TLC Carpet Care makes sure that there is no risk of dye color bleeding or textile abrasion and if so, TLC will use the proper area cleaning method for your rug. All rugs are cleaned a little different but all go through some similar carpet cleaning protocol. Since we have your rug at our inshore facility we are able to clean your rug multiple times if necessary. We always pre-vacuum all rugs and by having your rug cleaned with us your rug will dry by using our professional air movers. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co uses dry heat to quickly pull out all moisture to help prevent from mildew and color bleeding.

For more info on Area Rug Cleaning and Care call TLC Carpet Care at 720.314.0178 and you can also visit us at