Additional Carpet Cleaning Services: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Additional Carpet Cleaning Services: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Additional Carpet Cleaning Services: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co offers a wide variety of  carpet cleaning services to help you keep your carpet and upholstery clean and looking great all year around,  All of our carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained and certified in the following cleaning services:


We offer tile and grout cleaning as well as ceramic/porcelain tile and marble cleaning and sealant to protect your countertops and floors. We also clean and seal kitchen counter tops and floors.


Your most common problems come from foods and drinks that have dyes, oils, cosmetics, pet stains and acid-based spills from fruit juices and food. TLC Carpet Care specialize in complete red dye and stain removal from carpet and upholstery. TLC Carpet Care technicians specialize on red stain removal due to kool-aid, soda, and red wine spills.

We will identify the spot or stain before the carpet cleaning begins. This is done to give our clients an accurate quote of the price before we begin work. Stains such as red dye from Kool Aid, Hawaiian Punch, cranberry juice, red wine and other organic stains are guaranteed to be removed. Bleach is the stain that cannot be corrected from cleaning, but maybe able to be dyed.



Big or small, fluffy or not so fluffy, they are still a big part of your family. As adorable and well trained as they are, the fact is they still have accidents on your carpets, upholstery or your wool,  Oriental or Persian rugs. Our technicians specialize in odor and stain removal from accidents your pets may have. Whether they are potty training or if they use your carpet as their litter box, we can help neutralize the carpets and get rid of the gassing odor.


TLC Carpet Care clean all types of automobiles, RVs, etc. We will clean all the upholstery in the vehicle, seats and couches and floor carpets and matts.

For more info on Additional Carpet Cleaning Services visit our website at and to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment call us at 720.314.0178