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How Much Should I Pay For Carpet Cleaning

This is tricky, because if you visit enough carpet cleaners you’ll see quite the disparity in pricing, so allow me to explain it to give better clarity.

General carpet cleaning pricing involves either pricing by the square foot or pricing by the room. Pricing the square foot can add up and be rather expensive. Then there’s pricing by the room, which is a lot more transparent and affordable. TLC Carpet Care charges by the room.

One thing to be careful of with really cheap deals on other websites is what they don’t tell you what’s included or what’s not. This is where the bait and switch comes in. They may advertise a real low price but then say, "Well, your closets are extra, and yes your hall is considered another room. Oh, and yes, your stairs are also additional." Another trick they use is charging extra for pretreatment. This is absolutely unethical by all standards. If you see this coupon, run!

Cheap cleaner coupons? Keep this in mind, we all have to make money to profit. The only way a cheap cleaner can make money is using the cheapest equipment, the cheapest chemicals which are the most toxic and by volume. Which means they're going to be in and out of your house in no time. Just remember you’ll get what you pay for.

At TLC Carpet Care we’ve created a unique set of House Cleaning Packages that will fit almost everyone’s needs and budgets. From a Small, Medium, or Large House Packages, you can choose what’s best for you. What’s also comforting is you can be assured which ever Package you choose, all your carpets are included in your rooms, closets, halls, and stairs, too! They're all included, as all your pretreatments.

Bottom line: at TLC Carpet Care you’ll know exactly what your getting with NO SURPRISES! The key to pricing is transparency.

The only thing worth noting as Pet Treatments and DuPont Teflon are additional as they are not part of a routine carpet cleaning and are optional and not mandatory. Estimates can be given on site for those services.

House Cleaning Packages


Small House Package


5 Rooms

✓ Baths

✓ Halls

✓ Stairs

✓ Closets


Medium House Package


7 Rooms

✓ Baths

✓ Halls

✓ Stairs

✓ Closets


Large House Package


10 Rooms

✓ Baths

✓ Halls

✓ Stairs

✓ Walk-in Closets

Our Guarantee

To show our level of commitment to making sure your carpets are the cleanest they can be, we offer a 100% spot free guarantee for the first 30 days. That means if there is an accident that causes a spot within 30 days of us cleaning your carpet, we will come and clean the spot for free… no questions asked!

Which Carpet Cleaning Method is Best for my Carpets?

Asking the owner of a carpet cleaning company which of their carpet cleaning process is best is like asking a parent if their child is the best kid ever. Of course we are all bias. So, my genuine response is anytime you hire a service provider you should always yield to the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations.

Shaw Industries and Mohawk Flooring are the largest manufacturers of carpet textiles in the world. They recommend Hot Water Steam Extraction. It’s the only carpet cleaning process they will honor when it comes to annual carpet cleaning that’s required to keep up your manufacturers warranty.

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock, Co. uses this Hot Water Steam Extraction with State of the Art Pro-Chem Truck-Mount Technology in the industry.

You may think, "Ok, that sounds great, but doesn’t the other dry faster?" Maybe, but the reality is your carpet acts like a filter collecting dirt, soils, chemicals, bacteria and many other contaminates that are hidden way deep into your carpets fibers. A mere surface cleaning may dry quicker, but it won’t flush out all the harmful containment’s that could be damaging your carpets and affecting your indoor air quality. This is even more beneficial with family members affected by allergies.

See, a great quality carpet cleaning shouldn’t be about the easiest or the quickest, but rather the most thorough carpet cleaning for your carpets and your families health.

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