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Wool Area Rug Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Wool Area Rug Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


When it comes to wool area rug cleaning let me just first say that there are certain things in life you shouldn't  try yourself if your not properly trained to do so. Wool area rug cleaning is in that category. At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co wool area rug cleaning is our specialty. TLC has the proper carpet cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning products  specifically designed just for wool. Here is our cleaning process for Wool rug cleaning.

First we inspect your wool rug for any preexisting damage or loose fibers. We evaluate spots and stain that may be stained and unremovable. Things that can permanently damage wool are coffee, tea , urine and blood. Now there are many carpet cleaning products that are designed to remove those stains unfortunately these are the same products that you can't put on wool. After that we provide dry vacuuming when necessary. Next we take a neutral ph cleaner and pre-spray the wool rug. Allow dwell time. Following dwell time we steam the area rug then extract. If the rug has tassels we cleaning those with an upholstery cleaning tool. After that we put on a conditioner to neutralize the rug and soften the wool. Following that we groom the rug and if necessary put down air mover for dry time.  

Cleaning your wool rug at least annually will extend the life and beauty of your area rug. Don't allow dirt and soil to grind the fibers causing permanent damage.

As a side note if you've never had your wool rug cleaned before know that when a wool rug gets wet it releases an odor. Thou this maybe alarming but know its very normal and the smell will go away when the rug is dry. 

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