Why You Can't Use Bleach for Carpet Cleaning- Highlands Ranch CO

Why You Can't Use Bleach for Carpet Cleaning - Highlands Ranch CO

Why You Can't Use Bleach On Your Carpets- Highlands Ranch

OK,lets Start with some common sense. You would think most people know that you can't put bleach on carpets even if your carpets are white. However alot of times TLC Carpet Care in Highlands Ranch gets called out to job sites where people have done just that. Once were at the job site upon inspection peop[le often ask what can be done to correct this problem and the answer from a cleaning prospective is nothing.Even trying to dilute the beach with water won't guaranntee that it wont remove the dye. Once bleach hits the carpet it immediatly comprimises the original dye struter and the dye is pernametly gone. Also bleach is very toxic and can cause respitory problems if not handled properly.The one option you may have is to have the carpet redyed. This will require a proffessional who specializes in the art of carpet dyeing.Their are common misconceptions that bleach can kill mold while this is true if you have a mold problem, then your better off just disposing of said carpet and pad. Once mold becomes a problem in carpets because mold is microscopic your better off just disposing the carpets. Wether its mold or any other spotting issue under no circumstance is it ok to put bleach into your carpets. Their are alot of other products like Avenge spot cleaner that is safe for you and your family. Avenge will not bleaach out your carpet . It also is neutral in PH so itwont leave any kind of residue that might just attract more soiling. When in doubt call out a professonal; carpet cleaner in Highlands Ranch to inspect your carpets and make the correct cleaning solution. Visit our website today and read our testimonials and see what your neighbors are saying.

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