Why Stains Won't Come Out Of My Carpets- Carpet Cleaning, Highlands Ranch CO

Why Stains Won't Come Out Of My Carpets- Carpet Cleaning, Highlands Ranch CO

WHY Stains Won't  Come Out of My Carpets- Carpet Cleaning Highlands Ranch CO

One of the most common questions I get at TLC Carpet Care in Highlands Ranch CO is why I cant get those stains out of my Carpets??? First things first, ypou first have to identify the nature of the stains. Different stains all contain many different compounds and chemical makeup. Also the stains can either hav an alkalizing effecct on the carpets or a neutral effect or an acidic effect on the carpets. Understanding how it affect the carpets PH Balance has alot to do with how to clean it to correct the stain and also what is required to remove the stains. You also want to get to the stain as soon as possible as the longer you leave it their the more likely the stain can set and the more likely the stain can oxidize. First you want to grab a dye free towel and blot up the stain as much as possible in various layers to get up as much as possible. Dont scrub the yarn as this will cause fraying and irreversable damage to the yarn. Back to the type of spotter to use. Most of all the spotters that you can find in the stores are all alkaline based detergents that can leave your carpet full of soap and diffucult to rinse and neuratlize the carpets PH. I recommend call Interlink Supply in Denver and ask for Avenge Prespotter this paticular spotter is neutral and wont leave ypur carpets full of soap. Leaving your  carpets full of soap can lead to a residue that will only attract more dirt.

Also to note alot of cleaners such as Oxyclean contain bleaching agents in them be carefull with these products as some of them can do more harm than good.

Some stains can become pernament damage as soon as they spill on your carpets. Most drinks that have dye will pernamently dye your carpets upon contact. Bleach will comprimise the original dye structer immediately. Paint also can cause immediate damage. Some other stains such as protein stains Blood , Coffee, and Tea stains can be pernament.

If you find yourself struggling with a paticular stain or unsure as to how to remove said stain feel free to call TLC Carpet Care in Highlands Ranch CO Today : 720.314.0178