Why Heat Is Important For Carpet Cleaning- Highlands Ranch CO

Why Heat Is Important For Carpet Cleaning- Highlands Ranch CO

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Why Heat Is Important For Carpet Cleaning- HIghlands Ranch CO

Most carpet cleaning companies know that heat is one of the four fundamentals of effective cleaning (the other three are time, agitation, and chemical action). Todays truckmount carpet cleaning machines allow you to clean at temperatures at 180 degresss to over 200 degress. Their are many factors that play a role in carpet cleaning process and heat is a major player. However, some customers are unaware of why heat is so essential when it comes to cleaning carpets. So we have a list to help our clients so you can m,ake a more informed intelligent decision.

Here’s a look at why heat is so important for Carpet Cleaning:

1.       Heat helps "suspend" soils so that they can be more easily removed. Soil suspension refers to the separation of soil from the carpet fibers being cleaned.

2.       Higher temperatures tend to expand carpet fibers, allowing them to release soils more easily.

3.       Heat speeds up molecular activity of the cleaning chemicals, enhancing their effectiveness.

4.       Heat helps break down grease and oil, making it easier for them to be extracted from the carpet.

5.       Hotter water breaks down water-soluble soiling faster.

6.       Heat acts as a catalyst, promoting quicker reactions between cleaning chemicals and carpet soils.

7.       Because it improves the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals, heat can reduce overall chemical usage. Using less chemical can reduce cleaning's impact on the user and the environment.

8.       Carpet cleaning tasks can be completed more quickly using heated cleaning solution, reducing water and energy consumption.

9.       Heating cleaning solutions to a higher temperature refreshes and restores carpet texture. The carpet is literally "fluffed up" by the hot-water cleaning process.

10.   Hotter water evaporates more quickly than cold, reducing customer downtime waiting for carpets to dry.

11. Heat also helps kill bacteria and other odors in the carpet.

12. Heat also helps with bio organisms that affect peoples allergies.

13. Heat overall makes the differance between and average job to a great job well done.

Their is one time where heat should be turned down and thats if you find a carpet that has alot of soap. You probably want to do an acid rinse also if this is the case, but their are few cases where herat should not be used. Bottom Line HEAT CLEANS!!!

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