Why Choose TLC Carpet Care? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Choose TLC Carpet Care? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Choose TLC Carpet Care?

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At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co you can be confident that all of our carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained by IICRC or the owner himself in order to insure that each technician has the carpet cleaning training and knowledge to get the best carpet cleaning tech possible. With our thoroughly trained technicians who are highly skilled, we can better clean the your carpets and give you the best service you deserve. 

State of the Art Carpet Cleaning Machines

With our Pro-Chem Truck mount systems we can better clean your carpets and get the deepest clean possible.  This carpet cleaning technology will in turn get you a thorough deep clean using our high heat over 200 degrees, 500 psi pressure, and vacuum extraction system to rinse your carpets and give them the best cleaning in all of the Castle Rock Co.

Safer Cleaning Products

TLC Carpet Care only uses the best organic cleaning products available in the industry today. Though many carpet cleaners use strong, fury and toxic chemicals, you can rest assured that TLC Carpet Care does not use these products. With our solution you can leave your home smelling great and chemical free. 

Have you ever cleaned your carpets and had spots wick back up just a couple days later?  TLC Carpet care offers a guarantee that if the spots come back then so do we. We make sure these spots are forever gone and these spots will not come back! 
House Cleaning Packages
TLC Carpet Care in Castle rock Co offers 3 different House Cleaning packages.  Small, Medium and Large House Packages. Each of these packages are designed to fit your house seize and dimensions. We also offer Dupont Teflon Carpet Protector for an additional $0.10/sq. ft.

Why Choose TLC Carpet Care? call Today 720.314.0178 and you can also visit us at tlccarpetcare.net