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When Can I Walk On Carpets After Cleaning- Highlands Ranch CO

When Can I Walk On Carpets After Cleaning- Highlands Ranch CO

When Can I Walk on Carpets after Cleaning - Highlands Ranch CO

The ideal time to walk on carpets after having them professionally cleaned in Highlands ranch CO is as soon as they dry. Dry times can very from job to job. Dry times begin withe the type of carpet fibers. Polyester carpets will dry much faster than a thin nylon carpet. How soiled a carpet is can  result on how much cleaning is need to be done as far as pre-spraying and cleaning activity.  Also temperatures and humidity can effect dry times.

When your technician has completed the cleaning process he or she will use a carpet rake to groom the carpets making them plush which will help air flow thru the carpet fibers aiding in dry time.

The one thing you want to aviod is tracking in and out and causing resoiling the carpets. If you must walk try to minimize your traffic and wear only clean socks or house shoes. Also keeping your family pets off the carpets during dry time is also very preferred.

Any and all carpet pads or blocks that may have been put underneath to protsct the carpets and furniture must remain until the carpets are completely dry.  Also make sure that any area rugs should not be placed back down as this could cause color bleeding. 

One other notedon't place any running plastic runners down on carpets to walk on as this could hinder proper drying.

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