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Water Damage, Padding Removal- Castle Rock Co

Water Damage, Padding Removal - Castle Rock Co

When it comes to a carpet thats been flooded one of the necessary evils is to remove the underlying padding. This is necessary as the drying out process is complicated by allowing the padding to remain. The pad is just one big sponge that becomes an excellent breeding ground for mold as it wi;; simply take to long to dry and could also hinder the drying process of the carpets as well as tack strips and over al  moisture in the air. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock would be equipped to remove and dispose of your padding. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock CO has been in the flood and water damage removal for over 13 years. TLC carpet Care in Castle Rock CO can help with every level of the water and flood damage removal from basic extraction, to Pad removal, the entire drying out process from fans to dehumidifiers and moisture meters and everything thats required once the drying out is done and rebuild is ready. If you ever have water damage or flood damage and are in need of water removal call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock CO Today: 720.314.0178