Water Damage Cost and Restoration- Castle Rock CO

Water Damage Cost and Restoration- Castle Rock CO

A lot of things factor into what water damage restoration will cost a homeowner and companies may vary greatly in their estimates. This is because it is often impossible to gauge the extent of the destruction until the area is thoroughly surveyed. Moisture can get trapped in spaces behind walls, in air ducts or even under the floor, causing problems wherever it goes. To halt the destruction, every problem area will need to be addressed. If they are not, the house may be unsafe structurally, or people inside the home may suffer from health problems.

What affects how much water damage restoration will cost the homeowner?

The extent of the destruction will be the most determining factor when calculating price. Most companies bill by the square foot, so professionals should be hired right away to keep the problem from spreading and becoming more expensive.
Another major part is the cause of the problem, as cleaner moisture is easier for the professionals to handle. Moisture sources that pose no health risk, like rain or a clean tap water, are known as Category 1 sources. Experts are able to curtail the problems Category 1 sources cause without employing special  restoration products or protective equipment, as long as mold is not present. Category 2 sources contain some chemical or biological agents that can pose a health risk if they come in contact with a person. This usually includes discharge from appliances like washing machines. Category 3 sources pose an extreme health risk and normally include active biological agents that can cause serious illness. Sewage and ground flooding produce Category 3 threats. Companies will charge more when dealing with Category 2 and 3 than Category 1 sources because additional cleaning with specialized chemicals will be required as well as protective equipment and gear.

The location of the destruction will also dictate price to an extent, as some materials are easier to replace than others. Replacing baseboards is relatively easy and inexpensive. Replacing drywall is more expensive and time consuming. Changing out carpet is even more expensive and requires additional time. 

Why should a homeowner hire a certified company?

While some people may choose a water damage restoration company by cost alone, a homeowner must make sure they are dealing with certified professionals. If the house is not cleaned out thoroughly, lingering moisture will cause major problems down the road that will be even more expensive to fix.

Excess moisture that is not removed will foster the growth of mold and bacteria. This growth often happens in crawlspaces or cavities in the walls. By the time a homeowner notices them, the problem may be widespread. People with asthma or severe allergies may suffer from withering health problems, and even otherwise healthy people may experience frequent respiratory problems 

Moisture that is not removed will also cause the slow degeneration of carpeting, clothing, wood and other organic materials. Carpeting, in particular, can be expensive to replace, which may be necessary if the moisture causes mold growth or tears in the  backing.

For these reasons, a homeowner should only select a reputable company with a strong training background and one certified in this area of restoration

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