Upholstery cleaning tips in Castle Rock, CO

Upholstery cleaning tips in Castle Rock, CO

You can either clean your upholstery or you can hire a professional cleaner to do it for you. Regardless of the method, you choose, knowing the type of fabric and the method of cleaning is a must before you start the cleaning process. This is one of the mistakes most people do, and they end up spending more money repairing or maintaining their upholstery. However, here are some Upholstery cleaning tips in Castle Rock, CO:


1. Always vacuum your furniture first

Whether you are doing it yourself or you are hiring a professional, you need to vacuum your furniture first to remove dirt, soil, pet hair and another form of dirt that might be in your carpet. This will also ensure that your upholstery is cleaned up well because initial dirt is removed.


2. Identify the type of stain

There are different methods of cleaning your upholstery and the type of stain you have can determine the method to use. Dirt, food, wine spills, juice, coffee among other types of stains need to be identified before choosing the method of cleaning. Tougher stains require more than one cleaning method to be removed and knowing this can help you avoid unnecessary cleaning procedures.


3. Read upholstered furniture rugs

Each furniture or upholstery material has instructions on how it is supposed to be cleaned to avoid its deterioration or damage. If you cannot be able to locate the tag, you can check the manufacturer’s website to know how to go about it.


4. Consider the cleaning method

To choose the right upholstery cleaning method in Castle Rock, CO, you need to consider the type of stains you have, the type of fabric of the upholstery material and the cost of cleaning the material. In most cases, you need to consider the type of cleaning products to avoid any damage to the fabric. After establishing the method of cleaning, you need to carry out thorough cleaning and give the material enough time to dry up to avoid moisture damage.