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Truckmount Carpet Cleaning- Highlands Ranch CO


Truckmount Cleaning Highlands Ranch CO

Truckmount Cleaning Highlands Ranch C)

Truckmount Carpet Cleaning is the most common prefered method of Carpet Cleaning in the industry. Truckmounts offer a better variety of cleaning aspects that play a synergestic role in the most effective cleaning.

Lets Start with water pressure. Most Truckmounts have a PSI of 1000 to 1500 PSI. This is the presure per sq inch. This plays a role in the amount of force the cleaning solution is applied into the carpet fibers. This is also effective in cleaning surfaces such as concrete.

Next aspect is Heat. Truckmounts have heat exchangers that recycle the water in a way that maximizes the heat allow heat to flutuate from 180 to 220 degress. This aspect is very important toc helping out the over all cleaning process.

Next aspect is the blower. This is what helps the trucjmount machines extract all cleaning solutions.The key here is to use the least amount of vacumm hose as possible. the optimal length is 100t.

Truckmount cleaning without question is the most powerfull and effective cleaning method in the industry.

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