Treating Pet Stains on Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Treating Pet Stains on Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Treating Pet stains on Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC carpets Care's powerful carpet cleaning truck-mount and effective cleaning chemicals are often enough to remove many types of stains, including pet stains. For urine accidents that have set, however, we can’t guarantee a stain will be completely removed with the proper treatment.

To understand the science of Pet/Odor Stain Removal carpet cleaning services, consider stains on your clothes – For example, if you spill bleach on dyed clothing, the dye is actually altered. The stain is permanent. If you spill kool-aid on clothing, the clothing is stained (or the color from the pool-aid dyes the clothing fibers). The stain may or may not be permanent, depending on how quickly you wash and in what manner you treat the stain.

Similarly, on carpet, depending on the amount of urine and its ph composition, can either bleach (remove dye) or stain (add dye). We offer carpet cleaning treatments as part of our Pet Solutions Package, but we can’t guarantee a stain can be completely removed without it, since the nature and severity of the stain varies from one stain to the next. What we can guarantee, however, is that we will attempt to remove the stain using either a bio modifiers and urine stain removal treatments with a time released treatment.


Pet urine cultivate bacteria growth and cause a lingering ammonia gases in the air, which can be very unpleasant. Sometimes pet accidents dry up and disappear without the owner’s being aware off it . TLC Carpet care in Castle rock Co can locate these invisible spots using high intensity black lights and determine the most effective treatment. TLC Carpet Care  offers the following three levels of pet odor removal.

LEVEL 1 Urien Stain Remover

For odors from a recent pet accident, Urine Stain Remover treatments are used. This process includes the use of a urine neutralizer treatment, followed by a bio-modifier product. We then rinse with our  carpet cleaning process.

LEVEL 2 Sub Floor Cleaning

A sub-surface Pet/Odor Stain Removal treatment is used when urine saturates both the carpet backing and pad and permeates into the sub-floor. TLC carpet Care's technicians use a bio modifier solution to soak the carpet, pad and sub-floor, followed by an extraction process using a extraction system to remove 90% of the moisture, while simultaneously flushing out all urine salts and organic  bacteria. Once this is complete, we follow with a thorough carpet cleaning.


If a carpet or rug is heavily contaminated with urine, we pull up the carpets clean the backing , remove and replace the padding, then clean and seal the sub-floor. New carpet padding is installed, your carpet is re-stretched and given a final carpet cleaning.

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