Top-Quality Pet urine and odor removal in Castle Rock, CO

Top-Quality Pet urine and odor removal in Castle Rock, CO

We all love our pets, but accidents do happen, and you don't want to live with ugly stains or nasty odors. Although some of the carpet cleaning products sold in stores work well on certain types of stains, they aren't necessarily right for the problem you need them for.


Removing pet urine and odor in Castle Rock, CO requires deep cleaning and the use of special enzymes that interact with the urine to dissolve it and allow it to be removed by steam and suction, as with professional carpet care companies.


TLC Carpet Care is one of the best in the business and has 22 years’ experience and a long list of happy customers. Their motto is "Cleaning the Uncleanable." One satisfied customer reported that his very large dog had made a ghastly mess on his light-colored carpet and no other company would take it on. TLC did, and the customer was amazed.


TLC has two packages to choose from for your pet concerns. The first is called Protection Package and the other is Pet Solutions Package. The Protection Package sounds like it's meant for upholstery - which pets do climb up on, especially when you're away from home. The Pet Solutions Package includes a walk through, spot treating, deep cleaning with special equipment, a soft water rinse and water extraction, the application of a protectant, and a final inspection. If you're not happy they'll fix it.


TLC's services come with a 100% spot free 30-day guarantee. If an accident occurs between the time of the cleaning and the 30th day they will still come out "no questions asked" and clean it again. What a deal!


The special equipment mentioned is a ROTOVAC machine that is far more effective than its competition at removing the stains and sending the necessary solvents down through the carpet to the padding below, where urine odors often stubbornly remain.


You can reach TLC Carpet Care by calling (720) 314-0178, and you can read about them and view their customer testimonials by clicking this link:


Pet urine and odor removal in Castle Rock, CO



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