Top-Quality Oriental rug cleaning in Castle Rock, CO

Top-Quality Oriental rug cleaning in Castle Rock, CO

A rug is something beautiful and oriental rugs add that charm to any room in which you place it. But keeping your carpets is also crucial for prolonging your life and keeping them in excellent condition. Oriental rug cleaning in Castle Rock, CO can be done once a year and can be done by a professional. It is not recommended to clean these carpets at home due to the delicate nature of the carpets. The color of the fiber used, the natural oils present in the fiber and the weaving techniques may be permanently damaged if the wool carpets are washed with very strong detergents.


When to clean wool carpets


A rug can be cleaned once a year if it is in a low traffic area. Carpets that are placed in areas with heavy traffic should be cleaned twice a year. The safest way to know if your carpet is ready for cleaning is to rub it with your hand for about ten seconds, and if it comes out dirty or if it raises dust, it is time to clean it. You have two options when it comes to cleaning oriental carpets, do it yourself or ask a professional to do it.


Professional Oriental rug cleaning services


A professional cleaning service is recommended when it comes to Oriental rug cleaning in Castle Rock, CO. An experienced person is aware of the care a carpet needs when it is washed. That is especially true if you can take your carpet from the dealer who sold it to you. Most of them also offer cleaning services and are responsible even if something goes wrong during the cleaning process. Oriental carpets should be checked before washing, as the cleaning process can aggravate the situation and permanently damage the carpet.


Oriental rug cleaning at home


If you cannot afford professional carpet cleaning services twice a year, or if your carpet is made of mixed polyester fibers, home cleaning is an option. Sprinkle your rug and get out as much as possible. Wash the carpet and clean it with a mild detergent. Wash the soap and let it dry in a place where direct sunlight does not fall on it. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before restoring it, as moisture can cause undue damage to a carpet.