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Tile Cleaning Facts- Highlands Ranch CO

Tile Cleaning Facts- Highlands Ranch CO

Let TLC Carpet Caare take a moment and explain some tile cleaning facts  about getting your tile and grout cleaned in Highlands Ranch CO.First of all grout is not the same so results may vary depending on how the grout was taken care of in the first place. Grout is a pouris material that soaks up stuff from dirt to spills. If your grout was not sealed when it was first put down it is possible that your grout has soaked up particles that you have brought in from outside the home or have spilled on it. So it is possible that the grout wont be the same as when it was first put down but it will get a lot cleaner.

Another thing that you must consider is the Variety of hard surfaces their are. From Tile , Porcelain,. Marble, Natural Stone, Travertine, and the like. Some of these are very simular in apperance. Each and evry one of them require a different cleaning protocal. So if your unsure on the type of flooring you have you can actually do more harm than good without proper training and the required equipment to clean said floors. This is even more important when trying to clean grout as some grout cleaning chemicals are not allowed to be cleaned on a natural stone. Such as acidities.

Companies that promise to get grout back to new cannot garantee that unless they regrout your floor or paint over it. It is possible to get back to looking new or close to it if you have had your grout sealed after it has been cleaned or laid down and you didnt damage the sealer do to harsh chemicals. TLC Carpet Care  Premeir Tile and Grout Cleaning Professionals. We are so confident that if we can't clean it, No one can! Don't worry if your grout is stained we can color seal it to match the correct color. Just Give us a Call. You will be glad you did.Call TLC Carpet Care in Highlands Ranch Co at  720.314.0178

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