The best Pet urine and odor removal in Castle Rock, CO

The best Pet urine and odor removal in Castle Rock, CO

Pet urine and odor removal in Castle Rock, CO

Our company loves a pet so much. They make our days bright and are part of us. However, they can give you a challenge in maintaining a fresh smell and healthy when an accident occurs. Generally, it is very difficult to identify there is urine in your house.


In some case, you cannot even be able to tell if there is any pet urine accident in the house. Our company has special gadgets to identify and detect where there is pet accident at your home. We normally use the special UV light. Once we have identified the accident we remove it from the rugs, carpet, and other upholstery. We use a high-end profile cleaning method known as P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) It automatically gets to the surface of odor, then a chemical reaction occurs that destroy the odor of the urine. This method has been the best even on worse pet urine on any surface.


Generally, the P.U.R.T has proved to remove 99% of the urine odor from all surfaces. It further removes any bacteria that could be in the urine. It is very important to note that, if the urine is not attended to in the most professional way, it can bring damage to your house. The pet urine normally leaves a bad stain and bad odor. It penetrates through the fibers making your carpet or floor underneath contaminated. This is the major reason why you need a specialized cleaning on your surfaces.


Our professional cleaning experts will visit your home prior to cleaning so that they can identify the pet urine. We do not have long contracts for you to sign. We only need your home physical address and the day that you would be available. Our focus is to make sure we have cleaned properly due to the health of your family. Call us to schedule on the next pet urine and odor removal in Castle Rock, CO.