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The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO


When it comes to hiring a professional local carpet cleaning company, you'll want to find the best carpet cleaning method for having your carpets cleaned. 

Your have two general methods Steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.

Lets start with steam carpet cleaning, Steam cleaning is all about flushing out everything out of your carpets. Its the most thorough carpet cleaning because its a deep cleaning. It flushes out all the bacteria and its the only carpet cleaning method that gets all the way to the back of the carpet. it reaches all the way to the lowest level of the carpets. This makes it the best cleaning process because its much less likely that you will get stains returning and wicking back up. Steam cleaning is also the best method cause its has the ability to heat the water to over 200 degrees thus being able to kill all organic bacteria. the only downside is it can take a longer for the carpets to dry but thats also an indication that it was thoroughly cleaned. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co offers steam cleaning.

Dry cleaning uses chemical solutions that are designed to remove dirt from the surface of the carpet using much less water. The positive is that it certainly does dry quicker but its also just a surface cleaning which means it may look cleaner but its not completely clean as there is still soil that is in the backing of the carpet that can wick up and start looking dirty again in a matter of weeks. A professional carpet cleaning process should last for months with great care.

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