TLC Carpet Care's 13 - Step Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaning castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care's 13 - Step Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaning castle Rock Co


TLC Carpet Care's 13-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

TLC Carpet Care in castle Rock Co is the first carpet cleaning company to communicate to our customers what we do on every job with our 13 step carpet cleaning process. It’s what TLC Carpet Care is known for.


1. Pre-Inspection

TLC Carpet Care's  technicians will do an initial walk with you through your home to visually inspect the carpet and see what your major concerns are. We will listen to your concerns and talk to you about the potential permanent staining and damage that may exist. They will also take request from you  as to which furniture you would like us to move back and forth.


2. Vacuum Carpeting Before Carpet cleaning

Vacuuming is one of the most important steps in carpet cleaning. Removing the dry soil particles is vital before steam cleaning.


3. Pre-Condition Carpet

The assistant technician will apply an emulsifier pre-conditioner to the carpet to break down the soil and spots on the carpet.


4.  Moving Furniture

TLC Carpet care's techs will love some furniture upon request like sofas, love seats, coffee tables, chairs, pool tables and other smaller breakables. We leave beds, dressers, any piece of furniture containing electronics, china cabinets, and large formal dining room tables in place and we avoid breakables and all other liabilities.


5. Agitation Of Carpet

For areas that need extra attention, we will agitate the carpet with our bio-break pre-spray in order to help further break down the soil.


6. Pre-Treatment Of Spots & Stains

Spots and stains are pre-treated with special spot removal cleaning solutions.


7. Baseboard Cleaning

This is done before the other carpet cleaning process by vacuuming the carpet. Before our technician begins to steam clean a room, the technician will use the vacuum attachment  from the wand to vacuum the crevices between the carpet and the baseboards, then during the pre-spary process we will wash off your baseboards.


8. Pro Chem Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machines

We use Pro- Chems Peak powerful truck mounted hot water extraction system to clean your carpets. These carpet cleaning machines are the best the carpet cleaning industry has to provide.


9. Acid Rinse & PH Neutralization

This is where you can be guaranteed that the carpet has been properly rinsed and pH balanced so that there is no sticky residue and your carpet is left feeling soft and clean and that no other spots or stains will return as a result of high ph. This step actually occurs in combination with the previous cleaning extraction as well. 


10. Post Spot  and Stain Inspection

Any spots or stains that maybe completely stained and oxidized will be brought to your attention. 


11. Rental Of Carpet Fans For Faster Drying

TLC Carpet Care offers fan rentals to assist with quicker dry times and will setup specialized carpet cleaning air movers to assist in optimal drying.


12. carpet  Grooming Of Carpet

We use a professional carpet rake to plush your carpet after cleaning. Plushing the carpet fibers gets the carpet fibers to flow in one direction with no carpet distortion to stand up to allow for faster drying.


12. Post-Inspection

Our lead technician will walk with you through the home to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction  and to make sure that you are completely thrilled with the carpet cleaning. 

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