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TLC Carpet Care Area Rug Cleaning- Parker CO

TLC Carpet Care Area Rug Cleaning: Parker CO

1) Measuring, identifying, inspecting for stains, necessary repairs, and any special cleaning or handling procedures needed to achieve optimum results.Making sure to identify the proper labels.
2) Thoroughly Vacuum  to remove abrasive sand, grit, and embedded soils.
3) Pretreating  as dictated by the carpet fibers, construction, and condition, using carpet specific detergents and cleaning materials.
4) Completely rinsed and Neutralize to remove soil detergents and cleaning materials; using centrifugal extraction, not to be confused with steam extraction.
5) Dried under controlled temperature and humidity to achieve best results. Setting fans will help this process.
6) Inspected and further detail and finishing work performed as needed to pass final inspection. TLC carpet Care in Parker Co has the highest standard on quality checklist.
7) Rolled and wrapped in virgin craft paper for pick-up or delivery. Making sure clients sign off on rugs.
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