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Steam Cleaning Carpets - Castle Rock CO

Steam Cleaning Carpets - Castle Rock CO
Steam Cleaning Carpets - Castle Rock CO
Hot water extraction is the method recommended by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and required for regular cleanings to maintain your carpet warranty. Hot water extraction is also commonly referred to as Steam Cleaning. To truly know the method that any carpet cleaner uses, one must only ask about the carpet cleaning process and how it works. Your carpet cleaner should be able to tell you how they clean carpets, why they use that method, and if that is the best method for your carpet. The three keys to Hot Water Extraction are; the temperature of water being used, the effect hot water extraction has on the material/ carpet being cleaned, and is the water truly being extracted. TLC. Carpet Care provides this cleaning process.
The Water Temperature: When the water that is used for cleaning goes through a truck mount system, it is heated. This process usually has the water circulate in a boiler system or heat exchange system. This process causes the water to be extremely hot, usually heated over 200 degrees! I have seen trucks heat to anywhere between 220° Fahrenheit to 240° Fahrenheit.  There are warning signs on truck mount units that alert of the danger. “Water under high pressure at high temperature can cause burns, severe personal injury, or fatality.” The hot water is pushed through hoses to supply the carpet cleaning attachment with the water that will be used to get the dirt and soil out of your carpet. These hoses have to be rated for high pressure, some at 3000 PSI and have a heat rating of 250°F. Severe burns, damage to property or fatality could result if hoses do not meet these requirements. This is why it is so important that your carpet cleaner is trained properly, knows how to use the machine he is operating, and be licensed and insured.
Extraction: It is very important that after your carpet has been cleaned and rinsed by the carpet technician, that the water/ detergent used, is being extracted from your carpet. Here TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co we tell customers if a technician leaves your home and your carpet is soggy wet, then the cleaning was not done right. When the water that has been used to scrub your carpet is sucked out, it goes through the hose back to the truck, to be disposed of properly. You don’t want dirty water sitting in your home. A Professional will make sure that most of the water used is extracted; the carpet will be slightly damp and dry within a few hours. We want you and your family to be able to enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet as soon as possible.
If you are confused as to which method your cleaner uses, simply ask them. You are our customer and we want to make sure that we have your trust and confidence in our cleaning team. 
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