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Soil Infiltration Carpet Stain Part 2: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Soil Infiltration Carpet Stain Part 2: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Welcome again, its kyle with TLC Carpet Care in castle Rock Co, if you missed it before i posted an article Part 1 Soil Infiltration Carpet stain thats talked about what Soil Infiltration is. Today Im going to share with you where these lines appear.

Airborne pollutants are distributed throughout the home via the heating and air conditioning system or through natural convection currents in the building structure. Black and gray marks appear around conditioning vents. In virtually in every home or building, gaps are found at the lower edge of the walls. between steps, and the walls of a stair case, between the base boards and the floor, and between the subfloor and the dry wall. Pollutants are forced from the crawl space, past the face fibers where the pollutants are filtered, and into the room. Sealing the cracks with caulk can either eliminate the problem completely or force it to occur in another area. Filtration lines can take weeks, months or even years to appear. If its been year then carpet cleaning may not be able to reverse the oxidation.

Olefin and polyester fibers show the greatest affinity to filtration soiling. This sis due to the oily nature of the pollutant and the oil loving characteristics displayed by these fibers. This chemical attraction can cause a reaction whereby the oily deposits become part of the carpet fiber, making them impossible to remove. The Stability of the dyes found in olefin and polyester do, however allow for a greater aggressiveness when attempting tp remove the filtration lines. Nylon carpets are easier to clean because they do not have a strong chemical affinity to filtration soils, These stains can also be impossible to remove even on nylon.

Next time in Part 3 we will discuss if and how soil infiltration lines can be removed by carpet cleaning process.

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