Smart Tips for Deep Cleaning Carpets Castle Rock CO

Smart Tips for Deep Cleaning Carpets Castle Rock CO

Overtime your carpet will become worn and lose that like new appearance. There are four major signs of the need for a deep cleaning job - the carpet is matted and feels sticky, the carpet is no longer the same color as when the carpet was new, the carpet has filthy circles around the chairs, or the carpet releases a dust storm when you run across the room. If any of these indicators fit your carpet, then it's time to give your carpets a deep cleaning. There is always the option to clean your carpets yourself, but why give yourself the hassle and stress? TLC Carpet Care, Castle Rock, CO is here to help you. TLC Carpet Care is one of the reputable carpet cleaning companies in your town! The only method for deep carpet cleaning, is to mix it with a shampooer and rinse with an extractor and we will teach you how it’s done:

 - First thing to do before cleaning your carpet is to test for colorfastness by moistening a white towel with the cleaning solution that you are going to apply it to a certain area. If the towel does not pick up any color from the carpet, the solution is probably safe to use on the entire carpet.

- Move as much furniture to another room as possible and place a plastic or foil film under the legs and bases of the remaining furniture to prevent stains.

- Before shampooing the carpet, vacuum it first thoroughly, spot-clean and pretreat all stains.

- Carefully follow the instructions printed on the carpet cleaner.

- Only use single strokes over the carpet surface.

- Avoid applying heavy pressure to the machine.

- Rub cleaning solutions and foam from furniture legs and woodwork immediately to prevent damage.

- Ensure ventilation of the room after cleaning to speed drying.

- Do not walk on the carpets until they are completely dry.

Now, your carpet is almost new again, but if you're still not satisfied with your deep cleaning results, then give your trusted local carpet cleaning company a call.

For all your carpet cleaning needs in Castle Rock, CO call TLC Carpet Care at 720-314-0178!